Engine Valves Set For Fiat Palio 1.9L Diesel

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Technical Description:

The valves in an engine have several functions. First, they must allow the intake of fuel and air. Then they must seal the engine. As engine combustion takes place, the exhaust valve must also allow the burned gases to leave the combustion chamber.

A Engine Valves Set commonly referred to as a valve job or valve lap can be crucial for proper functioning valves seals. It is the process of smoothing out the engine valves so that they are effectively able to seal in the valve seat in the cylinder head to completely seal the engines combustion chamber.

Symptoms of valve damage include: Increased fuel consumption, Engine running rough, White exhaust smoke, Chuffing noise from the engine exhaust pipe, Lack of engine power etc.

Proper engine maintenance can greatly extend the life of your vehicle. Engine Valves Set Grinding, Servicing and Maintenance will allow your engine to run healthily.

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COBO AfterMarket established in 1994 and constantly strive to innovate and win numerous awards.

1995 COBO brand registered in Italy.

The name of COBO imbedded with the impressions of agile, courageous, righteous, and gracefulness. It also symbolized our company approaches that we are flexible in dealing with challenges, are responsible for our customer happiness and stakeholder, are resilience in engaging with competitors, and are innovative.

COBO International was established to meet the needs of the ever expanding off road and industrial vehicle market in the U.S., as well as to provide a business structure comprised of U.S. personnel that provides the same service, flexibility and competitive pricing for which COBO is well recognized in Europe.

Our vast manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide both a wide range of existing products and custom solutions. COBO Group, is able to meet the constantly evolving requirements of the off-road market through its main product lines.

We provide warranty upto 6 months order confirmation email served as a warranty card for this brand.

Product Specification
Brand COBO/Aftermarket
Vehicle Make FIAT
Model Fiat Palio
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