Mudflap For Ashok Leyland Dost (Set Of 4 Pcs)

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Technical Description:

The mudflaps commonly referred to as mudguards, splash guards or tyre guards are used to protect the car, pedestrians and other vehicles from mud, stones or other debris sent upwards due to the cars moving tyres.

The mudflap catches the debris as they are flying up, causing them to drop back to the ground rather than fly upwards and into the windscreen of following cars.

Additionally, mudflaps help to prevent dirt and grime reaching and chipping away paint on important parts of your car, especially underneath the car which is prone to rust and corrosion.

This makes them important to your cars health and cleanliness, especially if your vehicle is subject to constant off-road use. Debris such as gravel can also scrape your cars paint job if the mud flap is missing not working properly.

Mudflaps are usually made from rubber or a similar flexible material. They wrap around the bottom of your cars wheel arches and vary in size and shape.

Properly working mudflaps will make your car cleaner and help to prevent rust and preserve the paint job. They will also help prevent road rage by helping to avoid stones flying onto other cars behind you.

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VIR GROUP is actively involved in Manufacturing of Tie rod ends, Ball joints, Track control arms etc.

Manufacturing of Suspension Rubber to Metal Bonded Part.

After market distribution of the above parts in addition to Filters, UJ Cross, Water Pumps, Steering Worms, Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Coolants and 2 and 3 Wheeler parts

Product Specification
Brand VIR/Aftermarket
Model Ashok Leyland Dost
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